The Fantasy Free Advantage Quiz With Answers

The Fantasy Free Challenge (With Answers)

01.)  It has now been determined that consciousness is generated by living things and does not exist independently of life._____  False, no one has any idea what consciousness is or the nature of its origin.  

02.) Genuine human nature is rooted in love and kindness. _____ False, human nature is what it is. Love and kindness are human interpretation of different attributes and characteristics of what is experienced.

03.) In the world we live in, uncertainty is normal _____ True

04.) Every child is unwittingly born into an ongoing eternal power struggle. _____  True, Ggven laws of dominance and subservience  gaining power over one another is a constant of life. At the home and local level, this is far from apparent. Among large groups, especially whole nations, the power struggle is ongoing, always has been and certainly is eternal.

05.) Power corrupts. _____ True, this is natural law. So far, I have not know of a person doubting its veracity. 

06.) Absolute power corrupts absolutely. _____  True , again natural law.

07.) Power corrupts with the exception of elected leaders in the United States._____ False, anytime someone is elevated to power, corruption is created correspondingly. 

08.) The winner of a U.S. presidential election is more corrupt the day after the election than he was the day before the election._____ True, either, the laws of power and absolute power are true or they are false. An incremental increase in power, always creates an incremental increase in corruption.

09.) Politicians who win elections are guided by a deep seated need to serve humanity._____ False, In large aggregates of people, the incentive to serve is completely imaginary. Politicians run for office out of self interest,

10.) Ronald Reagan was a shining example of a conservative.______  False, Ronald Reagan tripled the national debt as he embraced the central planning aspects of the Full Employment Act of 1978. The Reagan Administration, initiated and normalized the practice of government tampering with the financial markets.


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