Why Get In Touch With Reality?

Why Get In Touch With Reality.PDF Version

There are many reasons for escaping reality. Fantasy serves as a coping mechanism. Fantasy is a great source of comfort in a world which is bound by laws of dominance and subservience. Fantasy is used to create a sense of security. Some lives are lived from beginning to end without being harmed as fantasy is used as an escape mechanism. However in most cases, reality imposes itself on all of humanity several times throughout a lifetime. The most recent occasion occurred in the United States on September 11, 2001.

The benefits of grasping and accepting reality may not be immediately apparent.  In the present moment, any benefits at all are hard to see. Benefits do accumulate over time…. based on the principles of window of window of enlightenment. The costs are up front. The enormous benefits unfold over time. Given time, the benefits do outweigh the costs, of over – indulging in fantasy.

The most obvious benefit of living a reality – based life is that of recognizing danger a person may not be aware of otherwise. Once fantasy is recognized and quarantined, a window of enlightenment opens up. What you see is what there is. Suddenly the motivations of others, as well as your own…. become apparent. This is of special value when dealing with issues involving love relationships. In the end, peace is found, while there is no peace in the fantasy world.



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