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Donald Trump Assassination Attempt

Donald Trump Assassination Attempt

So far, I haven’t heard any warnings with respect to conspiracy theorists making hay out of the Trump assassination attempts. That warning is the first indication that a coverup is in operation. Its absence does not mean there is no coverup going on. Realistically, the conspiracy theory warning has been overused. It makes sense that it would be avoided in this case.

I have heard Matthew Crooks described as a lone wolf already. I saw an image of the dead Crooks after he had been shot. It looked to me as if he was wearing a rented lone wolf costume, like from a costume shop.

When an assassination or the attempt has occurred there are important questions that need to be asked.

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Truth About Hate an Resentment

Truth About Hate and Resentment PDF Version

Hate and resentment are like many words are used to describe countless unpleasant mental states, but not necessarily the ones intended.  In any case, we are dealing with negative emotions. What I am writing here applies to all of them. So, for this we don’t need any precise definition. In any case, both hate and resentment work against the party experiencing them.

Emotions are discussed as if their presence is an indication that a person is good and sensitive just as should be. The truth is that our emotions better serve others more than they serve us. Who benefits from hate and resentment? Certainly, it is not the one experiencing those emotions. The person being hated or resented may be off enjoying a fishing trip. He may be at home smoking a cigar relishing in his mind, the fact that you have been put in your proper place. Hate and resentment, when imposed, are a cruel person’s candy. Continue reading

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Illusive Peace in the World

Illusive Peace in the World  PDF Version

Any peace a person has is on the personal level. Peace in the world, according to historical evidence as well as in natural law, is not possible. I have explained that we are all born into an ongoing power struggle. The struggle is ongoing today, just as it always is. All of us who are part of the great unwashed are not involved to any extent. Closer to the top, the competition is vicious.

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. [7] For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in diverse places. Matthew 24:6

This situation has not changed in over 2000 years. In modern times, our situation is quite different than it was back then. Power at the top is highly pronounced and concentrated. Consequences of wars are more devastating. Still, world peace is not simply illusive. It is impossible.

Getting in touch with reality is not just for entertainment. We are at the apex of the power struggle at this moment. Living in the light of reality gives you no protection from nuclear warheads. It does arm you in terms of knowing what to expect – so as to plan life accordingly. The value of attaining the light of reality is that peace does not disappear during trying times.

Give up on believing the lies of life and peace occurs automatically.

Recently, when answering a question in regards to my argument that the lie is a survival tool in the light of reality…. my answer was as follows.

Is there any such thing as a spiritual dimension? The biggest number do believe in there is, but pay the concept no mind. A small number recognize a spiritual world that is as important to our essence as what we experience physically. So, my observations will only be taken seriously by that small number.

Lies serve as a survival tool only in what the religions call the secular world. The secular world is synonymous with the animal kingdom, which is governed by the law of the jungle. Because of that, there are areas where the truth is not used at all. One of those is politics.

The only way to escape the world of lies is to become grounded in peace. Peace is acquired when one ceases to believe the lies of life. To live in peace is to think in the light of reality. Lies are diffused in a state of peace.

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Living in the Presence of Evil

Living With Artificial Intelligence PDF Version

Before reading, it might be good to examine the definition of evil – as the word is used in common language , as well as some more sophisticated thoughts on the subject by Scott Beck who is the well – known author of “The Road Less Traveled.”

Merriam Webster- Definition of Evil.

Dr. Scott Peck, Psychiatrist On Causes of Evil

Mostly in this blog, I discuss economics, politics and natural law – in terms of how it applies to these subject areas. I am not a prophet or an avatar. However, I am a mystic. Continue reading

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How to Succeed in Life

How to Succeed in Life.PDF Version

Years back, I spent a number of years
teaching high school math and economics. My technique is to break any problem down to its most basic elements and identify a root cause. High school students all face some very basic obstacles that one way or another, they will all have to overcome. I came up with three things any human can do. Doing these three things optimizes any person’s chance of succeeding at whatever path they choose to follow. On the first day of class, I would give them each a card with the following message printed on it.

Mr. Q’s Motto.
Have Dignity  
Make Good Trades
Own Your Own Tools Continue reading

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Future Of The Dark Web

How are folks’ experiences on the internet going these days? How is the censorship going for you? Do you like having all your news filtered … purposefully manicured , and groomed – so that you buy into all that is intended to shape your opinions? How do you like having your First Amendment rights trashed and stepped on? Are you good with  the symbiotic relation between big tech, government and defense agencies?

Americans as a whole seem to love it that way. After all , their congressmen and president serve as their guardians…. keeping them safe. Do Americans want to have guardians or representatives? Continue reading

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Pay to Play Social Media

Pay to Play Social Media PDF Version

X or Twitter if you prefer, is treated as if it is a bastion of free speech. Believe it if you wish. Pay to play social media is a variety of censorship itself. It is just stealth in nature. Social media wants users who can be used as resources. That is not all that social media wants. Few have not observed that there is an organized effort going on to make resources out of all of humanity. The presence of social media in this effort is critical.

It is not that no one takes censorship seriously. Plenty do but all of the censorship they know about is the squelching of well known icons of wisdom.

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Coming Headwinds of the United States and Citizens

Coming Headwinds of the United States and Citizens PDF Version

Fantasy Free thinking requires thinking in the light of reality. That is what the Fantasy Free Advantage is. Gain the fantasy free advantage. See the world the way it is. You will be early. You will be right.

The United States has dismantled its free market system and replaced it with a manipulated and managed debt – based economy. Create debt and GDP increases. Stop and the economy tanks. We are at the point where debt cannot be increased any longer..

It takes free market forces to generate a recovery. There will be no recovery. The essential  ingredient of free market forces is missing.

Earnings in all income classes are going to decline, especially for professionals. For example, doctors overseas make a fraction of what they earn in the U.S. Not to pick on doctors, this is true of all professions. Poor schools and declining education levels leave American citizens from being ignorant to highly under – educated.

Social media is losing influence. That will continue.  People are no longer fascinated.with it. The providers know this, even while pretending otherwise. Social media losing its influence strikes a huge blow to the consortium trying to take over the world and make resources out of inhabitants. The consortium has always counted on social media to homogenize the population and manage their thoughts and opinions. Social Media is becoming impotent. More on social media – Big Changes Coming Social Media. The decline in influence of social media presents a serious obstacle to the parties aspiring to control the world and make resources out of its citizens. The internet is increasingly being regarded as if it was a phone book, nothing but ads and no meaningful information.

The social media companies had great aspirations based on homogenizing  their users in order to make them advertisement friendly and easy to market to. They lacked the awareness to grasp that this would change their users behaviors. They also failed to fathom it would make online experiences dull and uninteresting. What they expected to have is a perfect population, that they could use in whatever capacity their minds could come up with. Instead. they created a diminishing mob of docile, compliant , mind – numbed hominids that don’t respond or get excited about anything. Social media will suffer immensely.

YouTube has been going spastic trying to show ads. They try one technique after another trying to display ads in ways where they don’t get automatically clicked off after 5 seconds. Google has started not responding when a search term is one they don’t like. Time is running out for them. They are running off users and burning advertisers. This is fine for maintaining stock prices but it will kill them eventually. Big tech is cooked, though that is not yet acknowledged or snapped to.

The Deep State cannot persevere unless they can manage the thoughts and opinions of the population.

Distrust of the healthcare industry and all who prosper from it is only in the beginning stages. The death rate in the United States is rising rapidly in the aftermath of the adoption of the Affordable Care Act. Once a bill has been passed, repealing it is a near impossibility. Organized crime owns the healthcare industry. There is no other explanation that explains a law that provides corporate skimming operations, spreads resources out as thin as possible, homogenizes physicians, spreads out resources as thin as possible and funnels obscene profits to those who lobbied to get the bill Passed.

The United States has a debt – driven corrupt service – based economy where prosperity has been created by producing asset bubbles. No bubbles –  no prosperity. There is nothing wrong with having a debt – based economy. That being the case, there must be a demand  for the services offered. What happens when our information and technology sector starts operating in retrograde while competition is growing overseas? What happens when our financial sector faces a lengthy depression? It was all built by creating bubbles. Now the bubbles are bursting. What happens to our defense industry…. independent of manufacturing, if the population adopts an anti – war , anti – imperialist posture?

Our free market system has been dismantled, so there is no way for an economic recovery to occur. Central planning cannot reboot a suffering economy. Permanent Depression.

There is nothing complicated in identifying headwinds like the ones described. No experts are needed. All it takes is an honest look at the situation in the light of reality.

There is nothing complicated in identifying headwinds like the ones described. No experts are needed. All it takes is an honest look at the situation in the light of reality.

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A Choice for Every Society

Two choices. 1. Government serves the citizens. 2. Citizens serve their government. It is a choice.

This does not have to be a conscious choice. As a matter of fact it seldom is I am not sure it ever is. Folks can make a natural choice. That means the choice may be pre – programmed into the human mind by the forces of nature.

People give intellectual answers to questions like those above. When the two questions are entertained, the reply will be something like this. A typical answer might be, “Government serves the people in the United States. That is guaranteed in the U.S. constitution. We all learned that in school.”. 

So, how is the situation going in the United States? Here is a link to the bills on which the House and Senate have passed and sent to the president.

Bills Passed Congress-Senate Sent to President

How many citizens have heard anything about these bills? How many care one way or another? So, U.S. citizens control their government. Given absolutely none have any knowledge of what is going on in the government….how is it that U.S. citizens are in control of their government? They don’t even know what is going on in government, other than what is purposefully fed to them.

But, of course Americans are in control of their government, right? The U.S. constitution says they are, right?

When you disregard how people, institutions and laws are officially defined – and consider only how they function – that changes everything. With that, a clear picture emerges. We are looking at belief in keeping with official definitions. This is fantasy. How a thing functions is what matters.

Your Americans have plenty of relevant information. Why are they not sharing it with the citizens? That is because citizens are deemed too naive, irresponsible and ignorant to grasp what is going on. Perhaps they are. Would it make a difference if they had relevant information?  Ordinary folks do fine on juries.

If a government  controls its citizens, does that mean government has a life of its own and operates independently of everyone? That is impossible. Government is controlled by perhaps a fraction of three percent of the population. Government serves this group very well. That means you as a citizen serve them also.

In a previous article For Profit Legislation, I explain that all legislation is for profit. Given human nature, it can’t be any other way. All lawmakers act out of self – interest. It behooves them to represent the upper fraction of three percent, who control government by controlling congress. The upper fraction of the population votes but votes are not all they offer. Why they offer much more is obvious. They have so much to offer in terms of benefits and consequences that they end up getting the representation ordinary citizens merely assume they have. It isn’t that they love each other. This is all completely brutal. The result is we have multitudes of abusive bills on the books which rig markets and funnel countless dollars to the top.

Once passed, odds are nearly one hundred percent, a bill will never be repealed. Most laws become feeding frenzies on federal money. In our universe, all entities serve something or somebody. Democracy provides a unique platform where  servitude comes out even. It works the same way in free markets. In the United States we have neither. Servitude is ongoing but it never comes out even.

The big payoff to viewing life in the light of reality is that there are no surprises. Gain the Fantasy Free Advantage, which is the light of reality, and what is obvious becomes apparent immediately.


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Trouble Shooting Democracy the Fix

Trouble Shooting Democracy PDF Version 

Wherever you live, surely you have noticed that citizens are concerned that democracy based governments around the world are not functioning properly. There is a solution.

Since I am in the United States, what I am going to suggest here is based on observations of our system. In the United States there are two possible solutions. One is to change the method of choosing members of the House of Representatives to a jury system. If you think issues of passing laws are so complex that ordinary citizens would not be able to handle the job, you are wrong. I am not talking about a jury of 12 citizens. I am talking about a jury the size of the the membership of the House of Representatives. They would not have to be underpaid like jurors in court trials are paid.

The second method is slightly different and would entail the equivalent of a fourth branch of government. It would still be based on picking a jury. The role of the public jury would be to rule on the constitutionality of any law passed by the House and Senate and whether or not the law would be good for the citizens of the country. The decision would be made just like decisions are made in a jury trial. Notice that of our institutions, the jury system works very well, not perfect but very well. Our system of government, the way it is now is failing. The second system suggested is the better of the two.

When our leaders formed the country they anticipated issues with democracy. That is why the United States is organized as a Republic. The fear was that the masses would vote everyone else’s money into their pockets. That was a reasonable fear to have but they did not anticipate other ways the system could be corrupted.

As it has turned out, in a democratic system, it takes a very unlikely set of personality characteristics to get elected to a high office. Only folks with a political personality have the manipulative skills necessary to get elected to a high office. Political personality is like a euphemism for psychopath. The races are so competitive that the truth gets pushed out of the political dialog.

The founding fathers also expected that ordinary citizens would be more independent minded than it turns out they are. What determines how citizens vote. They vote for the candidate who tells them what they want to hear. That is not the truth. Voters serve only as a resource candidates use to win elections.

Today the United States government is used as a marketing tool for rigging markets and forcing citizens to buy goods and services they wouldn’t otherwise.  For sure, self government won’t survive if folks are not willing to make necessary changes required to make it work properly.

The truth is a hard sell. Fantasy Free Economics gains readers one at a time. Major search engines simply do not list blogs which disagree with their political agenda. As long as folks share the link to this blog and others speaking out against the grain, the truth will at least trickle into the public consciousness.


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Living With Artificial Intelligence

Living With Artificial Intelligence.PDF Version

You can live with artificial intelligence. That is because you are alive. It is touted as the wave of the future.  It may very well be. Most new advancements initially get dismissed by many and put in the “will never catch on” category. Yes, being alive, you may prefer to live without it.  However, you may not be able to avoid living with it.

Certainly, Artificial Intelligence will be used to accomplish many wonderful things. Lives may be improved and enhanced.  Fortunes will be made. It also provides ways to manage larger populations more efficiently with less effort. That is great for folks who appreciate being managed. It can make decisions for you. Is that good? It is great for multitudes who prefer others to make decisions for them. Thinking is work. Work is routinely avoided.  Few people can concentrate intensely for perhaps an hour without getting fatigued. Limiting thinking is avoiding fatigue.

So far, I have only been involved with two aspects of Artificial Intelligence. That is with respect to voice cloning and customer service experiences. With voice cloning it works great.

With respect to customer service operations, it obviously cuts costs for companies. For this reason, they have all convinced themselves that it is good for customers as well. Let’s look at that in the light of reality.

So far, on balance, it is to the detriment of customers. Artificial intelligence is a virtual entity. Customers are living beings, only treated as if they are virtual in nature. Attempts to sound friendly and insightful are simply irritating. While expenses are reduced considerably on the parts of companies, customers are assumed to have all the time in the world, regardless of what each may earn on an hourly basis. How impressed will a guy making $100 per hour be with spending an hour dorking around with a machine for an hour trying to explain what his question is. This is a big disconnect which will eventually be to the detriment of companies providing the customer service.

It is important to understand the limitations of technology. Machines can only use math. Math has a basic downside in that all it can produce is a number. Numbers become accepted as reality. In the right circumstances a number is perfect. When math is used to describe human behavior or create it, math is completely flawed. That is why with economics – I examine the forces in nature which make the numbers what they are. I let the other guys, who are many, deal with models and statistics. I am always ahead of the numbers. I appreciate their work. It is there to be used as a resource for me to use when I need it.

The firms who adopt Artificial Intelligence for customer service operations see only their new cost savings. The number attached to that looks good. No focus on how it affects business overall, no worries as to how many customers it eventually runs off.

Customer service has been technology based for a long time. For myself, if I end up going to customer service, it is only because of something so bizarre that it requires an actual sentient being to figure it out. It. With Artificial Intelligence customer service, my goal turns out to be finding a way to get past it and talk to a real person.



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What Is Most Relevant In These Trying Times?

What Is Most Relevant in These Trying Times PDF Version

This is a question I answered on a public forum where I am apparently still welcome and for now uncensored .

Are Americans crazy? I say no. What we can see is mal-adaptive behavior. As
previously mentioned the evolution of free markets and democratic systems, in terms of economics is of greater influence than the invention of the wheel. What we are seeing worldwide are populations consumed and absorbed in instinctive behavior. The emergence of free markets and democratic principles changes the way mankind reasons intellectually. It does not change the adherence to instinctive behavior. Continue reading

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Robert Kennedy Jr’s Vice President and his Chances

Robert Kennedy Jr’s Vice President and his Chances PDF Version

I don’t like the fact that she is a billionaire.

Never trust a politician or billionaire.

She is two out of three.

As for Kennedy, I think he has a good chance of being elected.

Based on today, he has no chance at all. Live life as if it is a still picture and that is good enough.

Recognize life as a moving picture and his chances improve significantly.

Odds are truly great  that one or more events will occur between now and November. The country could very well enter a crisis period between now and then. All of the ingredients are in place. Continue reading

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The Dangerous Three Percent

The Dangerous Three Percent PDF Version
Perhaps three percent of the population is born genetically different than the rest of us. In almost every capacity they look and act like the rest of us. But, they are born with an elevated thirst for power and an insatiable need to control others. They are highly intelligent. They also possess most and frequently all of the characteristics of psychopaths.

The psychopathic behaviors most common to career politicians are. 1.) lack of remorse, shame, or guilt 2.) glibness and superficial charm 3.) manipulative and conning Continue reading

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Happiness Power Fantasies and Euphemisms

Happiness is not possible if the universe is taken at face value. The struggle to survive is brutal. Fantasies create happiness and fantasies keep people happy. Euphemisms are substitutes for truths because truths can be harsh. Fantasies come and go but in time certain fantasies become symbiotic.

Once a symbiotic relationship takes root between two or more fantasies more fantasies are added to the relationship over time.  Belief systems of large aggregations of people arise out of the symbiotic relationships between the various fantasies that are prevalent in the group. The more fantasies on which life is based the happier are the members of the group. Since fantasies are not based on anything real, truth can completely disappear. An entire country can become so filled with happiness created by fantasies that the society in question falls apart.

Power is a stand alone incentive. Power is always sought more by some but some by everyone.  The one thing power and fantasies have in common is that neither is ever relinquished. Both must be taken by force.

Fantasies can be harmless and in small quantities, perhaps beneficial. When whole countries become stable and prosperity increases more and more, fantasies are added to the national mindset. When fantasies become too unrealistic the country collapses.

Prior to and during WWII, the German people had a fantasy that Aryans were superior to all other human beings. That idea made a lot of Germans happy and fueled all kinds of activities and efforts for a number of years. That fantasy was removed by force by the other countries in the world.

Power is grabbed easily when a leader can create a popular fantasy, then validate that one as well as other already present. Both the fantasies and power had to be removed by completely destroying destroying Germany.

When citizens vote they give all kinds of reasons why they vote one way or another. People claim to vote their pocket book, the constitution, their conscience. None of that is true. People vote their fantasies.

Curbside Jimmy’s Prophetic Song

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