Focus On What Is True

Fantasy free thinking is hard. I won’t kid you. Facing the world as it is and on the world’s terms is no short path to happiness. To know the truth about what is
going on in the world requires giving up life’s main coping mechanism. It is written that “The truth shall set you free.” Nothing says that the truth will make you happy.

The present moment has very special characteristics. The most important of those characteristics is that everyone lacks information to use in making decisions. We know what happened yesterday. We have an idea as to what will probably happen tomorrow. We don’t know what is going on right now. The shorter the time period, the less useful information we have. Continue reading

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Why Belong To A Political Party

 Lets look at political parties in the light of reality using the fantasy free advantage.

When was the last time voters accomplished their goals as political party members? Go back as far as you wish. 50 years is o.k. Then ask, how much have those who work outside of the formal political system to impose their will on congress, and thus all who support political party?

Then look at all of the bills, congress passed in the 2022 session. Do you by any chance notice that on these bills that parties vote yes. Are you familiar with these bills? Don’t feel bad. No one else does either.

Support a political party and you are successfully guaranteed, You will be protected from knowing anything congress is genuinely doing. Join a party and the party thinks for you. Now, a politicians of a political party will tell you what you want to hear. Is that good enough for you? Continue reading

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Aspiring Artist

As I have mentioned, the Fantasy Free Advantage movement is growing. There are great advantages to living life in the light of reality. At first, reality is stressful and upsetting. After a time peace sets in and it is better than o.k. Suddenly, all going on in the world makes perfect sense. That is because you are interpreting what you see while looking through the prism of fantasy. Continue reading

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