How To Train Human Beings

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Most know how to train a dog, horse and countless other animals…. right? Farmers train whole herds of cattle. My, uncle, a cattle rancher used to load a truck with bails of hay. after which he drove off to feed his herd. He would blow his horn a few times and then start throwing bails of hay out into the pasture. It did not take long before all cattle would rush to the sound  of his horn. My uncle also had a system in place for medicating his cows.  He put them all in a coral and shut the gate. They had one way out. That was through a chute that would accommodate only one cow at a time. The cows were easy to motivate to get out.  He just placed hay outside the opening in the chute. As the cows passed through the chute, he would inject each one with medication.

How do we train dogs? We give them a treat when we get them to do what we want them to do. To get a treat, a dog will extend effort that easily outweighs the value of a small dog biscuit The dog will his tail and be happy regardless. Domestic animals submit to their owners and deem all of what their masters do as the right thing, to be good and worthy. Even after being punished, the dog is still loyal to his master, perhaps even more so.

Where mankind is concerned, there are two types of training. There is the kind where training is desired or agreed upon.  We all know how that works.

The other way is to train them to do what we want to do as opposed to what they would do on their own. In the second case, the same technique used to train animals is employed in training humans.

I completely knocked off, how the United States response to the Corona Virus came about in April of 2000. 

How did the government gain the cooperation of the overall population? They offered the citizens a treat with stimulus checks. It worked. The citizens accepted their checks as a treat, just like dogs accept treats from their master – when the humans want dogs to do what they wouldn’t do otherwise. Like dogs, American citizens didn’t turn against their government and still, to this day don’t hold their government responsible, even though they suffered greatly, and are about to suffer even more as a result of the government’s Corona Virus response.  It was go along to get along, taking the path of least resistance, just like my uncle’s cows used to do when he gave them only one way out of the coral, as a path of least resistance.

Just like dogs, American citizens are wagging their tails in anticipation of another treat. Bow Wow.


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