Forgiveness: The Misunderstanding

A man files for bankruptcy – and his debts are forgiven. In the minds of his creditors, is he exonerated? No, he isn’t. They have just quit expending energy trying to collect the debt. They are finished loaning him money – at least for a long time. His creditors have better things to do than to worry about reconciling the situation. They are never going to collect. All forgiveness is of the same nature

In human relationships, exoneration is an option. Forgiving on a personal level works the same way as it does in loaning and collecting debts. In any case a decision must be made, whether or not to burden oneself with negative emotions forever. Hate and resentment burden the one who has been wronged. This is while the perpetrator is off busily thinking about something else. Peace follows forgiveness. Letting someone off the hook is a different issue.



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