Difficulty Finding Peace

Peace in the world is a different concept than peace within oneself. Two nations can sign a peace treaty and hope neither side breaks it.  We deem a lack of war as being a state of peace. That kind of peace is easier to create than a human being having peace within himself

So, how is it done? One must recognize the world we live in for what it is. It is pretty vicious. Is it not?  Well, I am telling you it is more vicious than that. It is more vicious than the mind can fathom, so it gets replaced with a slew of fantasies. Fantasies are appealing but stand in the way of the truth. There is just one path to peace. Jesus put it like this.

“Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” John 12:25

Man is an animal, subject to the same law of the jungle as are other animals. So, how does just knowing that, create peace within a person? Just thinking about it is stressful and that is not peace. Peace does not spring up suddenly. Knowing for sure that there are no paths to tranquility here is distressful. Peace comes after accepting our world situation as fact and  distancing ourselves from its viciousness. Humility takes hold as a person understands that in the physical world, there is nothing special about him. He is just another animal.

At this point, something magical happens. He discovers that he has a unique nature separate from his physical nature. He realizes that when death occurs, that annihilation offers a better outcome than would coming back to earth and trying again. One thing that is easy to notice as a living entity, only one attribute never changes over time. That is his basic sense of being conscious. That is who he is, and not who he learned he was – or taught he was during his lifetime. It is hard to know that and get rattled easily. This is where peace is. Finding peace starts out being hard but gets easy over time.



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