How Is Sin Related To Power?

First let me explain what sin actually is. Sin is the same thing in the secular world as it is in the spiritual realm. 

Are you familiar with the term mal-adaptive behavior? Some are not. Mal-adaptive behavior is that which, if practiced over time actually causes a species to become extinct. Every sin, related to secular life, that is mentioned in the bible works against the overall interest of the human species. Try and find an exception. I can’t. Sin and mal-adaptive are synonyms when applied in a secular setting.

We all face temptations to engage in mal-adaptive behavior. In normal society, each of us lacks the power to act on the temptations we encounter. That changes, when a person is elevated to a position of power.

Suppose an ordinary person is tempted to murder another human being. We all must live within the law or face consequences. Give a person enough power and fear of the law disappears. With enough power, a person can position himself so as to live above the law, and murder anyone he chooses.

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