Scheme of Things Campaign 2024

Where do news stories come from? Who decides what we hear, read and see? Are news stories agenda driven? Of course they are. Who or what comes up with the agendas? It is those who provide the essence of the news outlets? Those are persons and entities which benefit royally – by managing the mind set of the public

Campaign 2023 is getting started , and neither of the party candidates looks like a winner. Along comes Robert Kennedy as an independent with, lets say, different ideas. Perhaps he will appeal to the young, currently texting and napping.

Now comes the cannabis agenda. I am guessing it will be part of the Democratic campaign.

Efforts to own and manage the public can be identified by the ebb and flow of the stories that show up in viewer’s video feed on YouTube. Be assured that efforts to censor and protect the public are profit-driven.

Now ,YouTube is showing educational films, which show cannabis in a positive light. Any reason for that? Sure, it is an issue that will have legs in the 2023 presidential campaign. It will be a Democratic horse to ride.  Change the public perception of it and then jump on as a winning campaign issue. Don’t rule out Kennedy figuring this out and jumping on it first. Timing is of essence. The best time to jump on it is after public opinion is successfully manicured,


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