What Is Most Relevant In These Trying Times?

This is a question I answered on a public forum where I am apparently still welcome and for now uncensored .

Are Americans crazy? I say no. What we can see is mal-adaptive behavior. As
previously mentioned the evolution of free markets and democratic systems, in terms of economics is of greater influence than the invention of the wheel. What we are seeing worldwide are populations consumed and absorbed in instinctive behavior. The emergence of free markets and democratic principles changes the way mankind reasons intellectually. It does not change the adherence to instinctive behavior. Continue reading

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Facebook And Friends

Big Tech firms face serious headwinds. The big one that confronts Facebook, is that people don’t use it anymore. Sure, the official numbers show otherwise.  There are ways to create official numbers. There is no way to hide reality when reality takes hold. Facebook is dead space. There is a limit to how long it can be presented as otherwise. For years, I used Facebook. I got off in 2020 because I was so offended by the censorship. At the time of my leaving, there were countless users who posted constantly – some all day long.

A few months ago, I logged into a page I opened using an AKA name created years ago. I have never used it. With that page, I only have four friends. Continue reading

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