Three Possible Paths To Reality

Three Possible Paths To Reality PDF Version
The escape from reality begins at birth.‭ ‬In the beginning,‭ ‬fantasy leaves reality in the dust.‭ ‬Early on,‭ ‬the reality gap gets wider and wider.‭ ‬Normally,‭ ‬reality catches up with a person several times during a lifetime.‭ ‬That occurs for a number of reasons.‭ ‬It can be a natural disaster,‭ ‬an ‬act of war,‭ ‬divorce or any number of emotional upheavals.‭ ‬The propensity to fantasize is strong and relentless.

In the end,‭ ‬reality catches us all.‭ ‬Since reality is the way it is,‭ ‬and fantasy is a false but ‭ ‬appealing alternative,‭ ‬the motivation to escape ‬is always with us.‭ ‬In the end‭ ‬,reality catches up and we all face what nature has in store

Various religions,‭ ‬through faith ‬,‭ ‬can provide hope and comfort for their believers.‭ ‬We are concerned here with the secular world system.‭ ‬Outside of faith,‭ ‬there is no way to protect oneself against the awful rigors of the secular world.

When dealing with reality,‭ ‬a person has three paths which are possible to follow.‭ ‬None of these choices are made consciously,‭ ‬at least not in the beginning.‭ ‬The institutional approach is the path of least resistance.‭ ‬It is the path that is most often followed.‭ ‬Public schools play a huge role in spreading fantasy through the population.‭ ‬In school ‬,‭ ‬children learn that cooperation is the way of the world.‭ ‬That is fantasy.‭ ‬Children are ‬taught that problems are solved through group cooperation and group effort.‭ ‬That is fantasy.‭ ‬Children are taught that patriotism is always good.‭ ‬That is fantasy.‭ ‬Children are praised for adopting arbitrary loyalties,‭ ‬like “‬my school”‬,‭ “‬your school”‬,‭ “‬my team”‬ and “‬your team”‬.‭ ‬Students learn to perform for approval.

Self esteem matters out of proportion to everything else.‭ ‬Government is constantly alluded to as a benevolent institution filled with selfless servants to society.‭ ‬That notion is completely false.‭ ‬Public schools serve as a good example,‭ ‬but all institutions contribute to creating fantasy.‭ ‬When children go home,‭ ‬they ‭ ‬learn more fantasy from their parents.‭ ‬This is the institutional approach to reality.‭ ‬Fantasy is learned through institutions and other people,‭ ‬mostly older people.‭ ‬Institutional fantasies are dangerous.‭ ‬When life is based on what is not true,‭ ‬life gets real comfortable.‭ ‬The natural forces of nature continue.‭ ‬Life’s institutions,‭ ‬especially government,‭ ‬become more fragile and everything starts failing.

In Germany during the thirties,‭ ‬institutional ‬fantasy was that the Aryan race was superior to all others.‭ ‬The end result was the loss of millions of lives and the complete destruction of Germany.‭ ‬Over time,economic and political systems become unstable.‭ ‬When reality imposes itself,‭ ‬the consequences are sudden and brutal.‭ ‬This is what happened with the Great Depression and World War II.‭ ‬We are on the verge of a serious reckoning at this time.

The second approach is for the individual to create a personal reality.‭ ‬Perhaps you have heard someone say they choose to believe this that or the other.‭ ‬That is a personal way of avoiding the truth by replacing it with a comforting notion.‭ ‬Here are some examples:‭ “‬I choose to believe in the goodness of mankind”‬.‭ “‬I choose to believe that he or she is telling the truth”‬.‭ “‬I choose to believe in the integrity of the Supreme Court”‬.‭ ‬There are countless ways a person can choose fantasy over reality.‭ ‬Whether spoken aloud or adopted as a belief ‬-‭ ‬it is a fantasy.

The last method that can be adopted is the version of reality that nature provides.‭ ‬So,‭ ‬what does nature provide? ‬To take this option we must accept what we see just by looking.‭ ‬All forms of life including humans are subject to laws of dominance and subservience.‭ ‬Nature provides only one universal incentive:‭ ‬self ‬-‭ ‬interest.‭ ‬Those are the two big ones.‭ ‬Dominance and subservience,‭ ‬then ‬self ‬-‭ ‬interest.‭ ‬All human beings posses the false belief of being special.‭ ‬Feeling special causes us to believe others see us as special also.‭ ‬Perhaps we are special to a few who know us personally.

The feeling of being special leaves us vulnerable to others who ‬believe they are special also.‭ ‬Reality is that others see us as a resource.‭ ‬This is especially true with respect to elected representatives.‭ ‬Anyone can know what reality is and make the choice to give up fantasy. ‭ ‬When that choice is made,‭ ‬one is no longer looking at the world through the ‭ ‬prism of fantasy.‭ ‬It is a great way to lose friends.‭ ‬You will be right and your friends will be wrong.‭ ‬They will resent you and defend their fantasies with a vengeance. ‭ ‬Being fantasy ‬-‭ ‬free doesn’t make you smarter. It does make you use what you do know more effecently.

A complete moron who has accepted reality will perform at a higher level than a genius who chooses to believe lies.‭ ‬How do you decide? ‬Believe lies or go fantasy free.‭ ‬There are trade-offs.‭ ‬If understanding the world you live in is important to you,‭ ‬then reality is the way to go.‭ ‬If maximizing pleasure and avoiding conflict is all that matters,‭ ‬reality will only make you unhappy.‭ ‬It is a personal choice.


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