A Fear I Wish I Didn’t Have

I have developed this fear over time. It is the fear of being right. What I suspect initially…. always seems far-fetched. Often it comes true and I wish it hadn’t. When I suspect something these days, I am scared that  I will be right. believing the lies of life and atypical perceptions begin popping into one’s head. It isn’t clairvoyance. It is just that inborn sensibilities, that fantasy replaces, are intact. Understanding is based on what is real and not what is acquired in life as a comforting mechanism.
Mankind is so docile and compliant in front of authority these days that it can’t be explained by even a variation of what is normal.
This is an overused cartoon which most have seen. It fits here because it is a true image of how the American mindset is working these days. The principle is so pronounced now, that it can’t be explained as ordinary people acting normal.
Absolutely nothing is being said about new found alien technology these days, despite it being the biggest discovery in all of history. Nothing at all has been said about it being used in medicine, ordinary science, to solve any global warming problems or anything else. Is this an accident? In all explanations it is deemed to have been used only for devious purposes, so far. Even our highest level representatives, experts and leaders, have been left completely clueless.
All conversation on social media is focused on ongoing, mostly superficial, highly conventional issues. Society is focusing on fighting yesterday’s happenings while the future is unfolding with no one noticing. By superficial, I mean well defined, though not totally insignificant problems. Root causes are completely ignored. It has always been sort of that way. Today, it is totally that way. People are being happily cow towed like gentle cattle with a master’s finger in one of each cattle’s nostrils, pulling them in a desired direction. Any problems with this?
We do know that alien technology is concentrated in the hands of a central  un-elected authority. So far all stories are, that it has only been used in devious ways.
Perhaps alien technology has provided ways to control the minds of entire populations, both large and small. That includes elected officials like presidents and members of congress. I truly fear that, this is the way it is. As usual, I hope I am wrong.  I fear being right,  I’ll tell you. There is much in terms of phenomena in society now that I could never in a million years have fathomed  in days past.

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