Life’s All Purpose Extra Strength Cleaner

Life’s All Purpose Extra Strength Cleaner.PDF Version

It is not wise to use a concentrated extra-strength cleaner without diluting it, especially any which are acid-based.

Possess and embrace the Fantasy Free Advantage. Then you are living in the light of reality. Reality is harsh. There is no way to do it. The light of reality is in fact, life’s concentrated, all-purpose cleaner. Reality is what is left when all of the lies of life are dissolved under the light of reality. Reality is harsh like an acid-based cleaner is.

Seeing and accepting reality all in one day is certainly impossible. If it is possible at all, we can round it off to impossible. Typically, all pleasant things in life are present – based on believing fantasies and embracing illusions.  When everything meaningful in a person’s life is based on a network of fantasies, disposing of them suddenly is too traumatic even for a strongly constituted individual to handle. Removing fantasies all together, all at once…. feel like death. It is not. In reality, a new life slowly emerges, and it is far better than the one left behind.

There are some realities that are less painful to understand. The ones concerning politics are not trauma-inducing…. necessarily. Here is a principle that won’t hurt all too much to understand.

Elect a senator, congressman or president to office. Is it reasonable to expect that he will do his utmost to serve his constituents and act in their interest? What a pleasant and uplifting way to look at things. Why does that never happen?

The most basic reason is that nature did not give human beings an incentive to serve. The notion of an incentive to serve, in a public official, is completely imaginary. Self-interest is the only incentive mankind has with respect to life in the aggregate.

If you take the time to reason out what it takes to get elected to a high office, It is not hard to understand that many characteristics of a psychopath must be present in a candidate, before it is even possible for him to win. I hope you will read the article below. It is on my sister blog, Fantasy Free Economics.

Psychopaths Presidents and You



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