Egg Price Crisis

Folks, I almost never post anything other than my own observations based on the Fantasy Free Advantage, which of course boils down to seeing the world in the light of reality. Discard the lies of life, which are highly comforting…. and the truth just presents itself automatically.

This is an exception. This is an Odysee video. I am not fond of Odyssey. Big tech loves Odysee. The quarantined go there to interact with one another. This is great for big tech because nothing on Odysee ever makes it way out of the echo chambers..

My friend, editor and co-conspirator, Sidewalk Sam sent me this video. Sidewalk Sam is highly incognito.  That way he is likely to be an un-indicted  co-conspirator, in case I get myself in trouble by way of telling the truth.  I first heard the term un-indicted conspirator as a young man following the Watergate hearings. It was during the Watergate hearings that I first heard anyone unequivocally and categorically deny all of the charges against him. I don’t recall seeing or hearing those terms used together since. . Those were colorful times as is the modern era. My assessment is below the image.

As unlikely and preposterous as the content of the video seems, given our current situation in the United States, what the lady says could very well be true. Tucker Carlson, I understand , reported this lady’s interpretation of the egg price crisis. YouTube took down that video.


That is such a good video it lends some redemption to Odysee itself.

Unlike the 4 horsemen, this is something that hits home with anyone who buys eggs.

This all reminds me of the McCarthy era of the 1950s. McCarthy was citing one communist in government after another. It was all lies. Then suddenly one member of the Senate confronted him publicly. That was the end of McCarthy.

I am expecting that eventually something like this will happen and possibly soon.

The media is a bunch of worms. When the truth starts coming out, the media will snap. They will start reporting stories because the truth is coming out anyway. When it becomes obvious that tech is falling apart, tech will lose their influence over government. Healthcare will follow…. followed by banks and insurance.

It will come down to, with respect to the media, looking out for themselves. They will lick their finger and stick it in the air to find which the way the wind is blowing. They will ask, “What side should we be on?” They will answer that question and report in whatever way is best for them.

Realistically, we have to remember that as it is now, the media reports according to the wishes of the parties who own them. This will slow down the process but it will happen.

Curbside Jimmy’s Prophetic Song

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