Interesting Parallel

Let me say first that despite being shut down and run out of the United States, both blogs have started growing again. The Fantasy Free Advantage, is devoted more to natural law and issues of everyday life. Fantasy Free Economics deals with economics and politics.

Then there is the fantasy free movement. Still there are only six confirmed members. These are myself of course, Sidewalk Sam, who expertly edits both blogs,, my three sons and my wife. There are also a number of readers who seem to agree with what I teach and explain. The unique aspect of the fantasy free movement is…..there is no membership roster. There is no email list. To get email from me, you have to contact me first. The Fantasy Free Movement, right now, is is simply a number that represents  an estimate of folks known to be on board with the basic idea, which is to get in touch with reality. Anyone on board? Let us know in the comments.

Does anyone want to help? There is no profit in this effort for me or anyone else. The truth has no market value. People spend countless dollars avoiding facing reality.The advantage of living in the light of reality is completely personal. Fantasy Free thinking will never change government policy. Government policy is not based in reality and never will be. Government is the place where people go to reap where they don’t sew. Only lies make that possible. Should anyone want to get involved, we need lots of help. I am personally lacking in every area other than that which I write about. What would be nice is an inspiring cartoonist whom I could collaborate with in making political cartoons. Basically, the blog is rapidly rebuilding after being destroyed in the United States.

Finally, here is the parallel. Back in biblical days, it was the circumcised and the uncircumcised.  The circumcised were deemed right – minded and civilized.

Today we have the vaccinated and the vaccinated. We also have the woke and the un-woke.

Hey, the Jews, in biblical times had a lot going for them. Their lifestyle is alive and doing well today.  In different eras, folks come up with unique ways to identify themselves and separate their thoughts and ideas from those they consider unwise and backwards.

Woke and vaccinated are unique to the times in which we live.

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