How To Use The Fantasy Free Advantage Book

How To Use This Book

Anyone who can read can and will benefit from reading The Fantasy – Free Advantage. There is no math or statistics. There are a few charts – all of which are easy to understand. There are no complex economic principles. There is no political ideology.

The principles involved with fantasy – free thinking can be used in personal life. They can also provide enormous insight to any and all who study any of the soft sciences.

The Fantasy – Free Advantage is not devoted to finding any ultimate reality like existence or beginning of the universe. Folks such as astrophysicists perform that role. I would not be of any help to them. I will explain the reality of life as it is lived by humans who possess the will to live and optimize the outcomes
of their lives.

My suggestion – if you are not already seeking answers to important issues in life, is to read at least the first short chapter – as a means of knowing what the book is about. Just knowing what reality is…. is not enough to change your life or anyone else’s. If you find the subject matter interesting, begin reading for deeper understanding. Facing reality is not that easy of a task. Through understanding, the principles will become internalized and useful.

You will learn things like: all world leaders – including presidents…. are corrupt

You will learn that laws which are passed are truly not for the benefit of the public but for profit.

The truth is not used in politics where persuasion is the goal. You will understand the truth about why cover-ups are initiated…. and the truth about confounding
happenings in the national and international scene.

Reality is not for everyone. Ordinary happiness can be and is maintained by avoiding reality. I am not critical of that approach at all. Go along to get along gets very little respect, but is the most sure and safest way to negotiate through life. It is the path most often chosen.

That being said, there is nothing in this book a person can claim to be false without contradicting themselves. Plain and simple…. natural law is never wrong

You will find that from time to time, Bible scriptures are alluded to. This is because stories in the Old and New Testament, in addition to having spiritual interpretations, are models of natural law. The Fantasy – Free Advantage is a study of the secular world. That is the world we live in…. and that is what
is explained.


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