How To Be Poor

Although not yet acknowledged, most Americans are going to lose everything they own. Why is this inevitable? Learn to think in the light of reality and it is completely clear. Do that and recognize what is obvious. Don’t do that and be suddenly surprised. Root causes become completely apparent. The United States has dismantled its free market system and opted for a system of central economic planning, though not stated and not in an easily recognizable form. Modern monetary theory solutions, i.e. QE etc., constitute central economic planning. With any kind of intervention , the government gets commandeered by the politically powerful who get laws passed and policies implemented which transfer resources to them. This practice has been ongoing in vengeance since the Reagan Administration. The damage is done. The consequences will be severe. This is reality.

Either the people control their government or their government controls them. Americans have relinquished control. A total disaster is unavoidable.

Now, here is the lesson on how to be poor. 

Your mindset has to change. That is the hard part. Don’t do that and your suffering will be unmanageable. Being poor does not have to be miserable. The hardest part is the process of losing everything you have. After it is all gone life gets easier. The misery in poverty comes from existing in a state of wanting. Let that sink in.

Give up all paid entertainment. I mean that seriously. Learn how to entertain yourself. Most of what we enjoy in the form of paid entertainment. was developed by those in ethnic groups which were desperately poor. All of modern music, except classical, comes from African Americans first, and the Irish. secondly. These groups had nothing as in no money and no way to get any. Still, they did not do without entertainment. It doesn’t have to be  music. Regardless, you can’t pay to be entertained. It is the wanting that makes one miserable.

As you are becoming poor, stop spending on anything that is not needed for survival. Poverty can be a great opportunity to go on a diet. Don’t consume raw sugar or foods that contain it. Do that and hunger pangs will disappear in a short time. Eat only what is needed for survival. Learn to be your own doctor. Study up on alternative medicine. Resources are abundant.

Most money spent with healthcare providers is wasted anyway. Mostly, the Affordable Care Act turns you into a resource to be exploited. Do not pay someone for the privilege of serving as another entity’s resource.  See a doctor when you know you need to. You can take your own blood pressure. You can check your blood sugar level on your own.

You will have bills and you can only pay some of them. Understand that you are in an every man for himself environment. You must become completely mercenary in dealing with money issues. Prioritize your bills in order of personal consequences for not paying them. Place your credit card bill far after your utilities. If you have to, lose the card.

What if you get sued? Find out the facts concerning collections law in your state. These kinds of statutes are not complex legal jargon. They state exactly what the law is.

Suppose you get a letter from an attorney threatening a lawsuit unless you pay. Throw it in the trash and forget about it. Suppose you get served with legal papers? Understand that no collections attorney is going to pursue a case against you, if you have no money.

The papers will require you to file an answer at the courthouse. Don’t hire an attorney. Write out an answer on a legal pad and go to the courthouse and file it yourself.  This is clerical work. You can scribble out,”I deny everything.” and file that. Make the answer look as cheesy as possible.  Maybe spill some mustard on and wipe it off. This will help convince the plaintiff’s attorney that you are not a profitable enough  defendant to bother with. If the suit goes forward, if you don’t show up in court, the plaintiff will get a default judgement. This is not a bad option. The awards will be larger than if you went to court. In either case, just because you have a judgement against you, doesn’t mean you will end up paying. The expense of collecting is substantial. With most judgements of this type, no attempt to collect is ever made. Just in case an attempt is made, Don’t have anything that according to your state’s law, can be seized.  Given the situation I see coming, there will be more judgements than you can shake a stick at. Your pockets need to be empty. None of this is legal advice. It is a strategy to use, if you can’t pay for legal advice. No advice intended here, just the voice of experience.

Do not be hesitant about accepting government subsidies or bailouts. If government subsidies are good enough for corporations, they must be deemed good enough for you. I don’t know if there are any billionaires in the world today, who became what they are, without government subsidies. Use them as role models. None of this today is about right or wrong. It is about surviving in an every man for himself situation.



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