More Censorship Please

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Americans seem to be good with censorship as it is. Here are some ideas for even more.

Countless ads are placed on social media as well as on cable and network TV. We need fact checkers to review the veracity of the content and claims made in their ads. If anything said or written in these ads is questionable, they must be taken down immediately reader.

Big pharma and insurance companies are big advertisers. How factual are their ads? Many more people see these ads than would ever see a post on Facebook that the fact checkers might take down. YouTube videos get taken down constantly, but their viewership pales in the face of the number of people who see big pharma and insurance ads.

It is a crime and a poverty to allow the dim – witted American public to be exposed to information relevant to their health before it is completely fact checked by experts.

How about public statements made by our elite luminous billionaires. Us dimwits believe everything that comes out of their mouths, don’t we? Therefore, fact checkers of billionaire public dialog must be fact checked as well.

I am sure that lies on the house and senate floor are protected under the constitution. Nothing can be done about that. The houses are self – censoring, I understand. They shake their fingers at one . and that keeps them all honest, right? On another note, politicians do make statements in front of microphones through speakers directed right at the public. They are filmed and broadcast. Any need to fact check speeches? I ask that, even in the face of loud objections from citizens everywhere who totally trust all words coming out of the mouths of their leaders. “When have any of them ever lied to us in the past?” “Be a patriot” , they shout. “Trust , trust, trust your leaders.” That is what Americans want and expect.

Regardless, the First Amendment applies to everyone. If censorship is good for political and social outliers, certainly it is good for everyone.

Question: is censorship legal under the U.S. constitution? Of course it is, if and until someone with enough money launches cases in the legal system. Since Americans overwhelmingly are fine with censorship, there’s not much risk of that happening soon.

So, censorship is the go-to method for today.

Now, Americans love fairness…. especially when what is fair is determined by their government. So, I don’t think any American can logically object to my assertion that if censorship is imposed on anyone, then it must be imposed on everyone.


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