Seeing What Is Obvious

I frequently point out that truth is not used in politics and that all world leaders are psychopaths. Americans are offended when I say there is no such thing as a good president. I recently answered the following question on  Quora. that may shed light on how I arrive on those kinds of assessments

  • Folks, the video below explains exactly the way things are. It is like light to sore eyes. It is certainly worth sharing, even if it burns someone’s eyes.

The following is my response to the question of a reader.

Question: I’d really want to know more about how the ecological and economic cycle would turn out – should parasites suddenly disappear.   You say chaos then the system stops.
Are there books or articles that illustrate these further? Thanks!

Answer: What I teach cannot be learned out of a book. I teach natural law. With natural law, no books are needed. No education or intellect is needed either. What it takes is the courage to live in the light of reality. Of course, living in the light of reality takes more than just a decision to do it. It requires giving up the fantasies that have replaced our inborn sensibilities. Fantasy is a mechanism that mankind uses to cope with the harshness of his existence. Remove fantasy and the mind sees what is obvious. Otherwise what is obvious is hidden by the fantasies that have replaced our inborn sensibilities.


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