The Hard Sell Putin and Carlson

The Hard Sell Putin and Carlson.PDF Version

The truth is a hard sell. It has no market value. There are no bells and whistles, drama and such. Most anything sounds more appealing than the truth.  It gets replaced by fantasy. Fantasy becomes one’s real world. Instinctive behaviors guide most of mankind’s behaviors. I am sorry it is that way. Perhaps Jesus felt sorry when he said, “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” He never said the truth would make you so happy you would do back flips.  This is what Jesus also said. “Anyone who loves their life (fantasy life) will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world (fantasy life) will keep it for eternal life. (peace)” Substitute fantasy life for “life in this world” and peace for “eternal life” and this insight Jesus gave, applies to the secular world. Stop there if you wish. Those with spiritual  inclinations may understand that peace, not happiness is permanent and stays with a person after death. Whatever posture is assumed, the principle applies.

Many have noticed my saying, Never trust a broadcaster, politician or a billionaire. Here is an article by another author  that will lend credence to my saying.

The 10 professions with the most psychopaths

Here is my recent article making the case that only psychopaths win elections,  and become world leaders.

Psychopaths Presidents and You

All are aware of the Carlson/Putin interview. It was a broadcaster and a world leader. Basically, a psychopath is good while he is being good. Take them situation by situation. My interpretation of the interview is that both Carlson and Putin were being good. Most of the interview was contra to what the psychopaths in high places within the western world desire for you to believe. From Putin’s answers, I am convinced that his answers were well reasoned. Unlike politicians in the U.S. , Putin made calm well thought – out explanations. Therefore, anything he said can be argued against point by point. That contrasts with the U.S. model of making only superficial comments and withholding as much material content as is possible, in keeping with whatever agenda is being promoted. I am not an expert on the history of Russia. Perhaps someone who is , will challenge Putin’s answers. It will be nice if someone does.

As for Carlson, he was being good. He asked questions for which U.S. citizens want and need answers. He is a broadcaster doing a good thing on a given day, independently of any additional agendas he might have. As also applies to a world leader, what a broadcaster does should be treated as an isolated incident. With each, take it situation by situation.


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