The Mideast Solution

First, let me acknowledge my personal position on Jews in general and Israel as a nation. Where Jews are the topic in general, you can count me pro-Jewish. That doesn’t imply that I am anti-anyone. I am not pro or anti – Israel. Even though I have an affinity for Jews in general, Israel is a foreign nation. With that in mind, I understand that the leadership in Israel is corrupt, just as it is in every other nation in the world

My family moved from rural South Texas to San Antonio in the late 1950s. My parents bought a house in a neighborhood very close to a large synagogue. I was 8 years old and didn’t even know what a Jew was. I was with two other kids messing around in a vacant lot. They started talking about Hanukkah. I asked, “What is Hanukkah?” They replied, “Oh, we are Jews.” They explained that they celebrate Hanukkah and not Christmas. My only concern was the presents they would miss out on, on Christmas. After being assured they got the equivalent for Hanukkah, the day carried on. Since that time, my relationships in life have included Jews as easily as Christians and others. Personally, I don’t belong to or subscribe to teachings of any unique or particular faith. My good experiences with Jews, does not make me pro-Israel.

Although I have not found this explicitly written in either the Old or New Testament, the theme that an immoral beginning generates some kind of negative outcome, is represented all through the scriptures. Being a prolific observer of natural law, I recognize this as a guiding principle.

As lofty as intentions may have been in establishing a new Jewish state, it was accomplished by removing the original owners by force and taking from them all that they owned. They were basically made homeless. There is no way Israel, in time, will fail to experience chains of negative outcomes after gaining their land immorally.

The question now is how to rectify the situation as it is today. It can’t be done completely. The situation can be mitigated and possibly neutralized in the simplest, most unlikely way. Few give any thought to what sin actually is. It is not exactly what is taught in religious institutions. Here it is for all who are interested. What Sin Actually Is Basically, sin constitutes mal-adaptive behavior. The term is used in religious dialog. Few understand what sin truly is.

To end current and future violence, Israel, as a nation, must formally apologize for the wrongful means of acquiring its real estate and the means by which it was done. Doing this constitutes owning up to a sin. With this, repentance must follow. Repentance is simply being sorry enough to quit. Each country which facilitated the ouster of the wrongly evicted, should do the same as I am suggesting Israel do.

To put a problem to rest, it is necessary to back up to the root cause. If this isn’t done, new issues emerge indefinitely.  Does this sound too lofty? Would it work? It has never been tried. In real life, just acknowled-ging a wrongdoing, goes miles towards diffusing bad feelings. Is the situation in the Middle East real life? It looks like it is.

When WWII ended, there were many inequities as the map of the world was redrawn. This is the nature of conflict. Any human standing on a parcel of land, is positioned on property that was taken at some time by force. Reparations for all  stolen land is impossible. At this point, the world needs to witness some genuine old fashioned good will on the part of Israel.

What about Hamas? Hamas is not a nation. It is my observation, that it was up to its violence as an effort to create a war, for economic reasons by numerous corrupt entities around the globe. The corrupt leadership in Israel may have been complicit in getting the war started. For more on that, I have written earlier on the subject. Hamas Israel and Stunt


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