Life’s All Purpose Extra Strength Cleaner

Life’s All Purpose Extra Strength Cleaner.PDF Version

It is not wise to use a concentrated extra-strength cleaner without diluting it, especially any which are acid-based.

Possess and embrace the Fantasy Free Advantage. Then you are living in the light of reality. Reality is harsh. There is no way to do it. The light of reality is in fact, life’s concentrated, all-purpose cleaner. Reality is what is left when all of the lies of life are dissolved under the light of reality. Reality is harsh like an acid-based cleaner is.

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Why Gain The Fantasy Free Advantage?

What do I mean by fantasy free advantage? This is the advantage in life you will have based on viewing the world and society clearly, rather than making observations through a prism of fantasy. When you life and decisions are based on what is real rather than what life has taught you to believe, you will make a surprising discovery. Your power of discernment in the present moment will surprise you.  You will notice that you automatically know the truth with respect to what you are seeing and experiencing.  Continue reading

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