Flaws in Human Nature

I have to confess. I was born without the capacity to indulge in euphemisms. From birth, I have never been able to take comfort in something that is untrue and certainly could not believe something was true when it wasn’t. As a small child there was not even one second when I believed in Santa Clause. In elementary school, I remember having an epiphany that teachers were as likely to lie as were the children. Continue reading

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How To Be Poor

Although not yet acknowledged, most Americans are going to lose everything they own. Why is this inevitable? Learn to think in the light of reality and it is completely clear. Do that and recognize what is obvious. Don’t do that and be suddenly surprised. Root causes become completely apparent. The United States has dismantled its free market system and opted for a system of central economic planning, though not stated and not in an easily recognizable form. Modern monetary theory solutions, i.e. QE etc., constitute central economic planning. With any kind of intervention , the government gets commandeered by the politically powerful who get laws passed and policies implemented which transfer resources to them. This practice has been ongoing in vengeance since the Reagan Administration. The damage is done. The consequences will be severe. This is reality. Continue reading

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