The Mideast Solution

First, let me acknowledge my personal position on Jews in general and Israel as a nation. Where Jews are the topic in general, you can count me pro-Jewish. That doesn’t imply that I am anti-anyone. I am not pro or anti – Israel. Even though I have an affinity for Jews in general, Israel is a foreign nation. With that in mind, I understand that the leadership in Israel is corrupt, just as it is in every other nation in the world

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Times Are Getting Weird

In 2009 I  wrote this song. At that time, I never thought that it would become as prophetic as it is turning out to be,  The system didn’t collapse in 2009. The country switched to what functions about the same as a wartime economy. Demand increases, GDP increases but demand is generated by edict, instead of being born of actual bill paying people. That has bought time for the economy. Now we must face what we avoided facing in 2009, but at a much higher price.

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Timely Wisdom For Trying Times?

Since becoming incapacitated, I have turned into a complete fatalist. That is with the exception of finding ways to cure myself. So far so good with this approach. I have this other approach that says most ideas are bad. Most of my ideas, with respect to home cures.. Just a few work. That is what counts.

For me, impetuousness almost always turns out badly.Distinguishing bait from an opportunity is tricky. I am better off waiting for the universe to blink Continue reading

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Is Communism a Better System Than the Free Market System

Communism, is a better system on paper. On paper, a chain letter is an ideal business model. So, yes, communism is a better system as long as it is not applied in a real world setting.

All that is accomplished in an economic setting, is governed by market forces. What are market sources? Market forces are multitudes of people all pursuing what they want in terms of self interest. For communism to be effective market forces would have to disappear when a communist system is put in place. Self interest is part of human nature. Self interest never disappears.

Whoever or whatever is in charge of a communist system acts out of self interest. In a free market system, self interest lends toward efficiency. In a communist system, self interest generates inefficiency. It is as simple as that. Thanks for asking.

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Instinctive Human Propensities

The human race generally deems itself to be a thinking species, with instinctive behaviors having only a minor influence over everyday behavior. If we just look at the opinions people adopt and observe the way decisions are made, it is clear that the opposite is true. Independent thought is extremely rare. In the United States. Citizens see themselves as independent thinkers in charge of their democratically based republic. Look at the political outcomes in our country. Given the results we see, only instinctive behaviors could possibly generate the results we witness. Continue reading

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How Is Sin Related To Power?

First let me explain what sin actually is. Sin is the same thing in the secular world as it is in the spiritual realm. 

Are you familiar with the term mal-adaptive behavior? Some are not. Mal-adaptive behavior is that which, if practiced over time actually causes a species to become extinct. Every sin, related to secular life, that is mentioned in the bible works against the overall interest of the human species. Try and find an exception. I can’t. Sin and mal-adaptive are synonyms when applied in a secular setting. Continue reading

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How To Train Human Beings

Audio Version

Most know how to train a dog, horse and countless other animals…. right? Farmers train whole herds of cattle. My, uncle, a cattle rancher used to load a truck with bails of hay. after which he drove off to feed his herd. He would blow his horn a few times and then start throwing bails of hay out into the pasture. It did not take long before all cattle would rush to the sound  of his horn. My uncle also had a system in place for medicating his cows.  He put them all in a coral and shut the gate. They had one way out. That was through a chute that would accommodate only one cow at a time. The cows were easy to motivate to get out.  He just placed hay outside the opening in the chute. As the cows passed through the chute, he would inject each one with medication. Continue reading

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Smartening Up Chumps The Hazards

With natural law, we can get it right with hardly any facts, figures or information deemed necessary. All we need is to know how life works. We do that by discarding the lies of life. We just observe the situation through  the light of reality.

Look at the world through the lens of fantasy and all conclusions we witness are misdirected through the prism of fantasy. When comic, W. C. Fields coined the two quotes below, surely he was not aware of their significance to the situation in the world today.

“You can fool some of the people some of the time — and that’s enough to make a decent living.” W.C. Fields Continue reading

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Developing The Space Aliens Story (Also Posted At

I am going to use the Fantasy Free Advantage  to try and explain the emerging situation with respect to the new revelations about the U.S. possessing alien spacecrafts and possibly, the bodies of aliens themselves.  The Fantasy Free Advantage is what is possessed when observing life from the vantage point of thinking within the light of reality. Using the Fantasy Free Advantage is what is possessed when the lies of life are simply dismissed with , and one’s analysis is not distorted by basing efforts on what is not true – yet routinely  deemed to be true. Continue reading

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Why Doctors Commit Suicide

It is no secret that the rate at which physicians commit suicide at higher rates than those in any other profession. Explanations by psychologists and other professionals abound. There are no answers which have settled in as conventional wisdom. You might ask why an economist would have any insight into why these tragedies occur? My work is rooted in natural law. Natural law applies to everything and its principles apply to just about everything outside of the hard sciences. 

To effectively use and rely on natural law requires being in touch with reality. If one is not in touch with reality, natural law is of no use as a tool. This state is what I call possessing the  Fantasy Free Advantage. That is living life in the light of reality. Continue reading

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Focus On What Is True

Fantasy free thinking is hard. I won’t kid you. Facing the world as it is and on the world’s terms is no short path to happiness. To know the truth about what is
going on in the world requires giving up life’s main coping mechanism. It is written that “The truth shall set you free.” Nothing says that the truth will make you happy.

The present moment has very special characteristics. The most important of those characteristics is that everyone lacks information to use in making decisions. We know what happened yesterday. We have an idea as to what will probably happen tomorrow. We don’t know what is going on right now. The shorter the time period, the less useful information we have. Continue reading

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Why Belong To A Political Party

 Lets look at political parties in the light of reality using the fantasy free advantage.

When was the last time voters accomplished their goals as political party members? Go back as far as you wish. 50 years is o.k. Then ask, how much have those who work outside of the formal political system to impose their will on congress, and thus all who support political party?

Then look at all of the bills, congress passed in the 2022 session. Do you by any chance notice that on these bills that parties vote yes. Are you familiar with these bills? Don’t feel bad. No one else does either.

Support a political party and you are successfully guaranteed, You will be protected from knowing anything congress is genuinely doing. Join a party and the party thinks for you. Now, a politicians of a political party will tell you what you want to hear. Is that good enough for you? Continue reading

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