Awareness Constitutes Self-Defense

The link is to the PDF book, The Great Taking by David
Rogers Webb

Not one in one thousand is aware of the dangerous situation they and the world they live in are in. Awareness truly does constitute self defense. With regard to unpleasant things and circumstances, all will be understood in time. With these things, it is better to understand soon as apposed to late. There is great insight in this book. It is the kind insight all will wish they had when it made a difference. It makes a difference now. It will make no difference at all later.


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Immigration and Migration Insight

Let us shine the light of reality on the global migration situation. Explanations and assessments so far have been on the “Let’s stop it now. All we have to do is stop them from getting in…” variety. That is the nature of life. That is the complete nature of politics. Politics is about the present moment only, There is no such thing as deferred gratification in public life. The suggestion of such a thing marks the end of any politician’s caree Continue reading

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Life’s All Purpose Extra Strength Cleaner

It is not wise to use a concentrated extra-strength cleaner without deleting it, especially any which are acid-based.

Possess and embrace the Fantasy Free Advantage. Then you are living in the light of reality. Reality is harsh. There is no way to do it. The light of reality is in fact, life’s concentrated, all-purpose cleaner. Reality is what is left when all of the lies of life are dissolved under the light of reality. Reality is harsh like an acid-based cleaner is.

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More Censorship Please

Americans seem to be good with censorship as it is. Here are some ideas for even more.

Countless ads are placed on social media as well as on cable and network TV. We need fact checkers to review the veracity of the content and claims made in their ads. If anything said or written in these ads is questionable they must be taken down immediately reader. Continue reading

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Question For World’s Richest Man

Of course the public is still willing to support billionaires with the taxes they pay. If the money is there, why shouldn’t he try and get it?

Developing The Space Alien Story

Curbside Jimmy’s Prophetic Song


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Forgiveness: The Misunderstanding

A man files for bankruptcy – and his debts are forgiven. In the minds of his creditors, is he exonerated? No, he isn’t. They have just quit expending energy trying to collect the debt. They are finished loaning him money – at least for a long time. His creditors have better things to do than to worry about reconciling the situation. They are never going to collect. All forgiveness is of the same nature Continue reading

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The Mideast Solution

First, let me acknowledge my personal position on Jews in general and Israel as a nation. Where Jews are the topic in general, you can count me pro-Jewish. That doesn’t imply that I am anti-anyone. I am not pro or anti – Israel. Even though I have an affinity for Jews in general, Israel is a foreign nation. With that in mind, I understand that the leadership in Israel is corrupt, just as it is in every other nation in the world

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Times Are Getting Weird

In 2009 I  wrote this song. At that time, I never thought that it would become as prophetic as it is turning out to be,  The system didn’t collapse in 2009. The country switched to what functions about the same as a wartime economy. Demand increases, GDP increases but demand is generated by edict, instead of being born of actual bill paying people. That has bought time for the economy. Now we must face what we avoided facing in 2009, but at a much higher price.

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Timely Wisdom For Trying Times?

Since becoming incapacitated, I have turned into a complete fatalist. That is with the exception of finding ways to cure myself. So far so good with this approach. I have this other approach that says most ideas are bad. Most of my ideas, with respect to home cures.. Just a few work. That is what counts.

For me, impetuousness almost always turns out badly.Distinguishing bait from an opportunity is tricky. I am better off waiting for the universe to blink Continue reading

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Is Communism a Better System Than the Free Market System

Communism, is a better system on paper. On paper, a chain letter is an ideal business model. So, yes, communism is a better system as long as it is not applied in a real world setting.

All that is accomplished in an economic setting, is governed by market forces. What are market sources? Market forces are multitudes of people all pursuing what they want in terms of self interest. For communism to be effective market forces would have to disappear when a communist system is put in place. Self interest is part of human nature. Self interest never disappears.

Whoever or whatever is in charge of a communist system acts out of self interest. In a free market system, self interest lends toward efficiency. In a communist system, self interest generates inefficiency. It is as simple as that. Thanks for asking.

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