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Let me say first that despite being shut down and run out of the United States, both blogs have started growing again. The Fantasy Free Advantage, is devoted more to natural law and issues of everyday life. Fantasy Free Economics deals with economics and politics.

Then there is the fantasy free movement. Still there are only six confirmed members. These are myself of course, Sidewalk Sam, who expertly edits both blogs,, my three sons and my wife. There are also a number of readers who seem to agree with what I teach and explain. The unique aspect of the fantasy free movement is…..there is no membership roster. Continue reading

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Never Be A Sucker Again

Gain the fantasy free advantage. You will lose some happiness to start. In a short time any lost happiness is made up for with peace. Seeing life in the light of reality provides a window of insight that is only available when you are in touch with reality.

Possess the fantasy free advantage and one thing is for sure. You will never be a sucker again. In the United States today, citizens are trained to promote their own poverty. In the servile mind of the average American , they identify like they are part of a giant mule team. Everybody needs to be pulling in the same direction, right? What is a patriot to do but cooperate with a national agenda? Election after election with no exceptions, winning candidates tell voters what they want to hear. Voters vote for who tells them what they want to hear. Voting makes folks feel like they are ultimately in charge.

Very few today gain their essence without any influence from government. Even for folks who don’t directly work at government jobs, government has a surprisingly high influence over what they get paid.

Basically, Americans live their lives thinking that government serves them. This is not true at all.  Americans serve their government. Really, they serve the elite who manage government.

Look at the Affordable Care Act. This bill has turned patients into resources. Doctors are basically clerks with agendas that are independent of patient health. All healthcare workers help carry out the corporate agendas on which the bill is based.

What is sad is that repealing a law is almost impossible.  This bill is a killer. The death rate hasn’t stopped rising since the bill was implemented.  Like all bills, this one has taken on a sacred aura.






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Natural Intuition

The link below is to an answer I gave on Quora. This is the only social media site that allows my content or links. I hope Qoura doesn’t commit corporate suicide along with the rest of the tech industry. It must be scary to have a guy promoting political division in his country. I do that because division is completely necessary for a democratic system to function.  To suggest otherwise would amount to supporting an authoritative system.  There are plenty of others doing that.

Why do things not feel real?
What I wrote in response is, that things feel unreal because they are unreal.  To a person possessing the Fantasy Free Advantage. this kind of phenomenon constitutes an epiphany.

This is because, being grounded in reality, unlocks a persons inborn power to notice and interpret what he thinks, feels and notices almost flawlessly.


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Instinctive Propensities

What in the heck is an instinctive propensity? When people act, and do so automatically, the actions are in keeping with their sensibilities. There are certain thoughts and  behaviors that are knee jerk reactions.

Instinctive propensity describes a reaction that is in keeping with a person’s sensibilities. Continue reading

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Where To Find Natural Law

“The most obvious example of natural law  being alluded to is in the Preamble to the U.S. Declaration of Independence.”
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Continue reading

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What is Truth?

Along with religious interpretations, every story in the New Testament is a model of natural law.

Religious interpretations abound. My interpretation is in no way in conflict with those. The secular interpretation can be explained in terms of the way life works. The following is a model of natural law

This is from John: 18

“You are a king, then!” said Pilate.

Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.”

38 “What is truth?” retorted Pilate. With this he went out again to the Jews gathered there and said, “I find no basis for a charge against him. 39 But it is your custom for me to release to you one prisoner at the time of the Passover. Do you want me to release ‘the king of the Jews’?”

When Pilate asked, “What is truth?”, he wasn’t being flippant. The truth was not anything meaningful to him.

Pilate had lots of power. What does that alone tell us? Since power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, Pilate was indeed  corrupt. Since he was confused by any meaning of the word truth, that is of special significance. That means he was evil.

What is evil other than being completely cut off from the light? There was nothing in Pilate’s life that did not constitute living a lie.

Is this not relevant in our world today? We elect leaders. The more power we give them, the more corrupt they are.

Is it not interesting that history’s worst despots come from the pool of world leaders?


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Forgiveness Is Not Just For Sissies

Forgiveness is almost universally misunderstood. Words conjure up images and impressions that change what a term really means. When the word forgiveness comes up, the image it usually brings up is something like a bible – thumping preacher shaking his finger at a congregation, explaining what Jesus expects from everyone. Continue reading

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Why Get In Touch With Reality?

Continue reading

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Getting Started

Accept Uncertainty

The fantasy free advantage starts with the understanding that uncertainty is normal. Some uncertainty can be eliminated – but not much. Out of uncertainty, its close cousin insecurity is derived. Uncertainty and insecurity combine and fear is the result.  Fear is assuaged by adopting euphemisms and  indulging in fantasy. Cold reality is too overwhelming  so it becomes  replaced with fantasies.

No one knows what life is. No one knows what happens when we die. We are all conscious. No one knows what consciousness is. Is consciousness generated by life or is it independent of life?

Then , there is the will to live. The will to live is more confounding than life itself. Whatever is alive seeks to stay alive. Even a blade of grass with no brain has the will to live. Who knows the source of the will to live? Does life have a purpose? Any purpose is not apparent. All animals, including humans must consume animals and other living things in order to survive. Focusing on these attributes of existence is daunting. The mind doesn’t want to go there – so it doesn’t.

In the Old Testament, the author of the Book of Ecclesiastes focuses on these issues and draws no concrete conclusions. The meanings of a number of Old Testament books focus on how to live life in the face of life’s daunting unanswered questions and mysteries.

The race to escape reality begins at birth. Every child is unknowingly born into an eternal power struggle.  Reality is replaced with fantasy because it is too harsh to cope with.  Our world is governed by laws of dominance and subservience. Most people live in an oasis of peace separated from all of the belligerence and brutality …. that is actually an ongoing process. The attempted escape does begin at birth. This continues throughout life. Reality always wins in the end.

Basic Unanswered Questions


During a lifetime, reality catches up with everyone a number of times. That does not mean a person becomes enlightened and discovers what reality is. Having to deal with reality is not the same as grasping and internalizing the concept. As soon as a crisis passes and usually while the crisis is ongoing, life becomes centered around new fantasies. Sometimes old fantasies are refurbished, adjusted, and re-applied to one’s life.

Regardless…. reality is what it is.  to all consumed in fantasy, their fantasies  are their reality. Attack these fantasies of life and their beholders defend them vehemently. The lies of life replace nature’s reality with fantasies. The truth is then seen as threatening. I guess that it is. The truth about reality is what it is – no matter what. In other words, the way things are is the way things are.

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Why Gain The Fantasy Free Advantage?

What do I mean by fantasy free advantage? This is the advantage in life you will have based on viewing the world and society clearly, rather than making observations through a prism of fantasy. When you life and decisions are based on what is real rather than what life has taught you to believe, you will make a surprising discovery. Your power of discernment in the present moment will surprise you.  You will notice that you automatically know the truth with respect to what you are seeing and experiencing. 

Being fantasy free or even going on a fantasy diet is not without costs. The following are first the benefits and next…. the costs.

Benefits And Costs Of Possessing the Fantasy Free Advantage

In most cases you can predict the future. This is not clairvoyance. This comes from understanding human nature. With the Fantasy Free Advantage you know in advance what the behavior of any given individual or group is most likely to be. 

You can protect yourself from harm. You will know what other’s deepest motivations are. You will know who you can trust or not trust under different circumstances. You will know the true motivations of those who have authority over you. You will understand what to expect from people – when you have authority over others.

You will immediately grasp the truth with respect to any given situation. Those with a fantasy free advantage can automatically recognize risks, rewards, costs and benefits immediately in the present moment.

You will prevail in any argument given that you have a simple understanding of the subject. Keep in mind, it has to be an actual argument. An argument is not automatically a shouting match, put – down contest or shouting match. Belligerence on the part of the most formidable person determines the outcome of a fight. 

You May Not Want to gain the Fantasy Free Advantage

Are you content with life the way it is? If so, then why change anything? Is your income secure, regardless of whether or not times are hard or easy…. independently of good or bad economic times? If you are satisfied, why change anything?

Gaining the Fantasy Free Advantage leads to soul searching and self – examination. This can be a trying experience. Your friends and family might not appreciate your new found approach to life. It might irritate others to be around others who are right all of the time.

The Fantasy Free Advantage won’t make you rich. It won’t make you poor either.

If you are just curious, you might want to know what constitutes the Fantasy Free Advantage. It may be worthwhile to acquire an academic understanding of the concept. Just understand without internalizing. You can always get back to it, if you ever deem it to be useful in your life.


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The Search For Reality

I have just explained why folks escape reality. You might wonder who might search for that – if it is all so daunting?  Often it is those who for one reason or another, are suffering in the fantasy world. Some do and I am providing them with the opportunity to get there.

Certainly, one good reason is to do so out of self defense. When there is no way out of a bad situation, getting in touch with reality can provide a path out and into a better life.
Sunlight is a great thing. That is until you stare directly into the sun on a day in July. We face a similar dilemma in seeing life as it genuinely is,  To a mind that is not ready for it, what the realities of existence are, are too daunting for the mind to constantly entertain. What you find when you remove fantasy, is in fact, reality.

Once fantasy is removed, an entire inborn false belief system becomes apparent. Much of human behavior exposes itself as instinct. Continue reading

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Coming To Grips With False Beliefs

Instinctive Propensities

Who has not had the experience of concentrating very hard for an hour or more? It creates fatigue. At one time, I taught Algebra II and pre-calculus at a rural high school. These student’s minds would give out after a half – hour of thinking hard. The same students would go home in the afternoon to the ranch or farm where they lived. They would do hard manual labor for perhaps three or more hours before calling it a day. The school was so small that over half of the boys played on the foot ball team. They had an endless amount of  energy. They never complained about hard physical work at all. They complained endlessly about the rigors of doing brain work.

Clearly the brain has a way of conserving energy. Most of brain activity is automatic.Much of what the brain has you do is automatic. More decisions are made automatically  than otherwise.  A lot of behaviors are inborn and instinctive.  Here are some important examples.

Humans are instinctively driven to exalt themselves. They also exalt groups they are born into and participate in voluntarily. Loyalties are inborn as wall as acquired. Take race for example. White and black people have a degree of loyalty to their race. That seems normal, but does it make any sense? Actually, it doesn’t in the realm  of reality. Neither gets a check in the mail from their race. If either has been hurt, it has most likely been at the hands of someone of their own race. There is your country and mine, your state, city and neighborhood as well.

Arbitrary loyalties are cultivated and nurtured. In high school, a kid is deemed as much as a pariah if they don’t root for their home team.  Woe to the student that lacks school spirit. Only a reprobate would not support the home team. School is a team effort. Pride in your school is the word.

There are loyal Republicans and loyal Democrats, life long. Their party can go off and leave them but they are still loyal, good or bad to the end. It can boil down to “It is, sure my party has not lived up to my expectations. They will someday…. for sure.” The right words keep the faithful from wandering off or God forbid…. switching parties.

A political party is a public institution. A person can join a party, quit and join the other. That almost never happens.

Where motivations are biologically driven, loyalties are far less common. There is lots of loyalty in marriage but in half of them there is not. Infidelity is extremely common. Sometimes there is loyalty to an employer. That is – provided all is going well for the one who is loyal. Circumstances change…. and all loyalties go out the window. Behavior in the work place is rooted in the survival instinct. 

What we find is a loyalty hierarchy, If it gets in the way of survival and reproduction, that loyalty easily goes out the window, when perceived better opportunities come along. There is still loyalty but it can be and often is circumstantial.

A person who is fantasy free, thinks these things through and reasons out when to be loyal and when not to be.

Propensity To Worship

Masses of folk place faith in God, based on a religion. Do they look to God for guidance? Some do in a general sense. When it comes down to difficult issues in life, they place their faith in someone or an institution.  That is normally their government or an expert of some kind. Are governments or an expert helpful? Sometimes an expert is. But, who has been helped by the government lately? 

Are experts worth what they charge? Sometimes they are but often they are not.

It isn’t all about experts, Look at t – shirts for sale at Walmart. See if you can find one without an icon representing an adorned name or icon on one. People want to display their affection – with respect to those they look up to..This is a form of worship.  People are much more prone to worship each other than they are a supreme being. 

Human Herding Instinct






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