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Natural Law And Issues of Life

How To Use The Fantasy Free Advantage Book

How To Use This Book

Anyone who can read can and will benefit from reading The Fantasy – Free Advantage. There is no math or statistics. There are a few charts – all of which are easy to understand. There are no complex economic principles. There is no political ideology.

The principles involved with fantasy – free thinking can be used in personal life. They can also provide enormous insight to any and all who study any of the soft sciences.

The Fantasy – Free Advantage is not devoted to finding any ultimate reality like existence or beginning of the universe. Folks such as astrophysicists perform that role. I would not be of any help to them. I will explain the reality of life as it is lived by humans who possess the will to live and optimize the outcomes
of their lives.

My suggestion – if you are not already seeking answers to important issues in life, is to read at least the first short chapter – as a means of knowing what the book is about. Just knowing what reality is…. is not enough to change your life or anyone else’s. If you find the subject matter interesting, begin reading for deeper understanding. Facing reality is not that easy of a task. Through understanding, the principles will become internalized and useful.

You will learn things like: all world leaders – including presidents…. are corrupt

You will learn that laws which are passed are truly not for the benefit of the public but for profit.

The truth is not used in politics where persuasion is the goal. You will understand the truth about why cover-ups are initiated…. and the truth about confounding
happenings in the national and international scene.

Reality is not for everyone. Ordinary happiness can be and is maintained by avoiding reality. I am not critical of that approach at all. Go along to get along gets very little respect, but is the most sure and safest way to negotiate through life. It is the path most often chosen.

That being said, there is nothing in this book a person can claim to be false without contradicting themselves. Plain and simple…. natural law is never wrong

You will find that from time to time, Bible scriptures are alluded to. This is because stories in the Old and New Testament, in addition to having spiritual interpretations, are models of natural law. The Fantasy – Free Advantage is a study of the secular world. That is the world we live in…. and that is what
is explained.


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How To Be Poor

Although not yet acknowledged, most Americans are going to lose everything they own. Why is this inevitable? Learn to think in the light of reality and it is completely clear. Do that and recognize what is obvious. Don’t do that and be suddenly surprised. Root causes become completely apparent. The United States has dismantled its free market system and opted for a system of central economic planning, though not stated and not in an easily recognizable form. Modern monetary theory solutions, i.e. QE etc., constitute central economic planning. With any kind of intervention , the government gets commandeered by the politically powerful who get laws passed and policies implemented which transfer resources to them. This practice has been ongoing in vengeance since the Reagan Administration. The damage is done. The consequences will be severe. This is reality. Continue reading

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The Hard Sell Putin and Carlson

The truth is a hard sell. It has no market value. There are no bells and whistles, drama and such. Most anything sounds more appealing than the truth.  It gets replaced by fantasy. Fantasy becomes one’s real world. Instinctive behaviors guide most of mankind’s behaviors. I am sorry it is that way. Perhaps Jesus felt sorry when he said, “you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” He never said the truth would make you so happy you would do back flips.  This is what Jesus also said. “Anyone who loves their life (fantasy life) will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world (fantasy life) will keep it for eternal life. (peace)” Substitute fantasy life for “life in this world” and peace for “eternal life” and this insight Jesus gave, applies to the secular world. Stop there if you wish. Those with spiritual  inclinations may understand that peace, not happiness is permanent and stays with a person after death. Whatever posture is assumed, the principle applies. Continue reading

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The Future of Gregg Abbott

Prior to his new prowess as a border crisis hero, Abbott had earned a reputation as an admirer of the WEF and other collectivest  initiatives. Does one case of being a states rights hero change his stripes? Previously, I posted an article explaining the impossibility of a politician being elected to a high office without being a psychopath. As hard as this is to swallow, take the time to read the article (link below). Make a counter argument to each point made and explain to me how else it can be that way. Continue reading

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The Pledge Of Allegiance

Let’s look at the pledge of allegiance to the United States of America, in the light of reality. In doing this, I am not suggesting that any be disloyal to their country.

The pledge starts out, I pledge allegiance to the flag and to  the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands..

By taking the pledge citizens are pledging allegiance to the flag, and the country itself which is second in sequence. The flag is a symbol and an icon that stands for the country regardless of what it was, is, or is becoming . So, the country itself can change for the worse. The republic can lose its democratic principles. Citizens continue to focus on the flag. They may not notice when democratic principles are lost. Continue reading

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Three Possible Paths To Reality

Three Possible Paths To Reality PDF Version
The escape from reality begins at birth.‭ ‬In the beginning,‭ ‬fantasy leaves reality in the dust.‭ ‬Early on,‭ ‬the reality gap gets wider and wider.‭ ‬Normally,‭ ‬reality catches up with a person several times during a lifetime.‭ ‬That occurs for a number of reasons.‭ ‬It can be a natural disaster,‭ ‬an ‬act of war,‭ ‬divorce or any number of emotional upheavals.‭ ‬The propensity to fantasize is strong and relentless.

In the end,‭ ‬reality catches us all.‭ ‬Since reality is the way it is,‭ ‬and fantasy is a false but ‭ ‬appealing alternative,‭ ‬the motivation to escape ‬is always with us.‭ ‬In the end‭ ‬,reality catches up and we all face what nature has in store Continue reading

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Awareness Constitutes Self-Defense

The link is to the PDF book, The Great Taking by David
Rogers Webb

Not one in one thousand is aware of the dangerous situation they and the world they live in are in. Awareness truly does constitute self defense. With regard to unpleasant things and circumstances, all will be understood in time. With these things, it is better to understand soon as apposed to late. There is great insight in this book. It is the kind insight all will wish they had when it made a difference. It makes a difference now. It will make no difference at all later.


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Immigration and Migration Insight

Let us shine the light of reality on the global migration situation. Explanations and assessments so far have been on the “Let’s stop it now. All we have to do is stop them from getting in…” variety. That is the nature of life. That is the complete nature of politics. Politics is about the present moment only, There is no such thing as deferred gratification in public life. The suggestion of such a thing marks the end of any politician’s caree Continue reading

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Life’s All Purpose Extra Strength Cleaner

It is not wise to use a concentrated extra-strength cleaner without deleting it, especially any which are acid-based.

Possess and embrace the Fantasy Free Advantage. Then you are living in the light of reality. Reality is harsh. There is no way to do it. The light of reality is in fact, life’s concentrated, all-purpose cleaner. Reality is what is left when all of the lies of life are dissolved under the light of reality. Reality is harsh like an acid-based cleaner is.

Continue reading

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More Censorship Please

Americans seem to be good with censorship as it is. Here are some ideas for even more.

Countless ads are placed on social media as well as on cable and network TV. We need fact checkers to review the veracity of the content and claims made in their ads. If anything said or written in these ads is questionable they must be taken down immediately reader. Continue reading

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Question For World’s Richest Man

FCC Rejects $900 Million Subsidy For SpaceX Amid Concerns Of Gov’t Weaponization

Of course the public is still willing to support billionaires with the taxes they pay. If the money is there, why shouldn’t he try and get it?

Developing The Space Alien Story

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Forgiveness: The Misunderstanding

A man files for bankruptcy – and his debts are forgiven. In the minds of his creditors, is he exonerated? No, he isn’t. They have just quit expending energy trying to collect the debt. They are finished loaning him money – at least for a long time. His creditors have better things to do than to worry about reconciling the situation. They are never going to collect. All forgiveness is of the same nature Continue reading

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